Are you aware that the way you smell is equally important as the way you dress?

According to science, the sense of smell is something that evokes strong emotions. That’s how significant perfume is! Therefore, you should be paying more attention to the kind of fragrances you choose to wear for different occasions.
Be it your first date, dinner with friends or a job interview, we’re here to guide you through the different kinds of perfumes you can wear for different occasions.


Let’s say you’re on your first date and the person you’re meeting is an energetic and a sporty person, or a gym instructor, or a hardcore fitness freak or an athlete. These kind of people usually love to take care of their bodies and are often into fragrances that give out a fresh and citrusy kind of smell. So, if you’re wearing a fragrance like this, chances are that the person could also be wearing something similar. Scents like these signify a free energetic spirit of a fun-loving individual. Hence, wearing a fragrance like this indicates you’re someone they could be comfortable with and be themselves.
Is your date a creative person? Then go in for something more floral like the Skinn Nude perfume that’s got a sparkling floral fruity tune to it. Creative people are more reserved and shy, and hence a strong perfume wouldn’t be a great choice when you’re meeting someone like this. Floral fragrances tend to have that comforting feeling that’s not too strong.
If your date is someone older, then try out something woody. With age, we become a lot more responsible and stronger which is evident from the way we dress as well. Middle-aged people are more attracted to solid colors, and woody smells. A fragrance like this will portray you as a mature and a sensible person.


For a business meeting, you need to show you’re more of a professional, right? So go for a long-lasting fragrance!
Don’t overdo it because you don’t want to irritate your client. You really don’t know if the person you’re meeting is allergic to something. Putting on a really strong fragrance could probably distract or irritate them. Try to stay clear of fresh scents since these could cause irritation to a really sensitive nose. Go for a woodier scent since this shows professionalism and maturity.


If you’re in for a job interview, then the last thing you want is the person interviewing you to be overwhelmed by your perfume. Employers are looking for responsible, sensible and creative people. Thus, a floral-woody perfume would do just fine.Skinn Steele would be a great choice when you’re looking to create an impression of yourself.


For a dinner with friends, you could try something that has a warm and a friendly fragrance. Maybe something more floral, not too strong. You could try out Skinn Celeste since it’s got a touch of sweetness with some floral notes. It reflects a playful mood that’s just perfect for the occasion.


Now, this is the time to really make a statement! Try out a more empowering fragrance as this will make you feel strong and great. Probably, Skinn Raw will get you the attention you’re looking for.
Choosing the right perfume for an occasion can be tricky at times. However, keep these few tips in mind, and we’re sure you’ll set the right temperature for every occasion!